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Cash burn rate

Does a cash burn rate feature plan to be introduced? Similar to AGICAP?

An accounting cash flow statement is available. It is great that this feature is available. However, operational cash flow management is the most important feature. It would be great to be able to manage it in JOIIN, and close the gap between predicted and actual cash burn.


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Hi Joseph, I have replied to your support ticket you raised separately, however for the benefit of this forum post I will also respond here. 

A Cash burn report was suggested to us by another user for the first time earlier this week.

We do have plans to improve the cash flow/ forecasting capabilities of Joiin, however, this is not something we will be looking at in the immediate future,  this could well change based on the number of requests we receive. 

I will keep you and this forum updated on any and all progress with Cashflow and forecasting.


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