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Toggle report settings individually for each report


For a single P&L report, when a setting up here is toggle on or off, it will also toggle the same on all other customized P&L reports. It would be great if each P&L report can toggle the settings individually.

For example

  • P&L report A, I want to turn on Percent of Sales. 
  • P&L report B, I want to turn it off.
  • Currently, if I turn it on for report A, it will also turn on for report B.

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Hi there, thanks for posting on the Joiin forum.

This is a request that has been made before and is something we will likely look at in the future. 

We let the number of requests per roadmap item dictate our priority, this is not a heavily requested feature so won't be coming in the next couple of months, if anything changes or if this forum post gets a strong response we will look to review this.

Please let me know if you have any questions or further feedback, as ever, we are all ears.


Harry :)

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