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PL Totals

Could we have an option to remove the horizontal totals on PL reports [and BS].  For example currently a report showing years 2019 & 2020 PL would include a total adding up both years PL data, which is pretty meaningless and sometimes confusing to directors and other report consumers not accustomed to seeing multi year totals in PL reports.  

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Hi Graham, thanks for posting in our forum. We are currently working on adding a feature where you will be able to remove total columns from reports where they are unnecessary. I will drop you an email when it is live and would love to know your thoughts.



Hi Graham,

Just to let you know we have now brought in the feature you were looking for.

Now you can choose whether to include the Total column in a report or not. Simply use the new Total toggle to switch the column on. 


Thanks Graham for your suggestion.

- Harry

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