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User access by company


It'd be useful for us to be able to select which companies a user has access to - currently all users can see all companies. We would like to be able to restrict a company to only be accessed by specific users. 


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Hi Lee, Hi Ken, thanks both for the posts.

We are going to be implementing features which give greater control over what data can be seen by who in your Joiin account. 

This is something we are going to be working on in the coming months, I will keep you and this thread posted on our progress.

Please feel free to respond with any questions or email us directly at

Many thanks.


Hi, agree with this. Would like to be able to invite subsidiary level accountants to have access to subsidiaries within the group I manage without them having access to all companies in the group. Adds value to the tool and strength of reporting if company level management is able to review their figures in the software. 

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