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Drill-Down Consolidation Ability in Reports

In my Chart of Accounts I have my Payroll account labeled "Payroll Expenses". I list additional accounts below that as Sub-Accounts to track different positions. 

This looks like:

Payroll Expense

--Payroll Expense: Accountant                                   $1,000

--Payroll Expense: Maintenance Coordinator             $2,500


In Quickbooks I can leave the above as the default, but I can also condense all accounts underneath into a single "Payroll Expense" line in the P&L:

Payroll Expense                                                         $3,500

I would LOVE this function here, especially for multi-location reporting. If I can use the exact same Parent Account across multiple companies, it would be fantastic to be able to see the itemized sub-accounts as well as the total balance when rolled up into one number across the entities. 

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Hi Nate, thanks for your post.

You can recreate the QBO parent/child account structure in Joiin, using custom reports. Joiin will pull in all of your 'child accounts' which you can then group together, using your example under 'Payroll expenses.'

If you follow the instructions in this video you should get the outcome you are looking for. 

Let me know if you need any help with this. 


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