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Reporting by tracking category and country + period

Hi, we do a purchase, we would like to know is there an option to do reporting and conciliation per tracking categories, countries + period from parent company and subordinate company in different currencies? 

Many thanks 

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Hi Vladilena, thank you for contributing to the Joiin forum.

To run reports using your Xero Tracking categories, simply choose 'by Category/Class/Location' from the compare menu on your P&L.

However you will not at this time be able to produce reports looking at multiple time periods for your Categories, this is something that will be coming in the future.

Finally part three of your request, showing multiple currencies on one report, this is something we may look to do in the future, however, we have no immediate plans on this one.

Thank you for your questions and feedback, I will keep you posted on all feature requests relating to the points made above.


Harry :)