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Consolidated budget report by company

Is it possible to get a report that shows only the budget figures by company? I.e. no actual and variance columns? 

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Hi Ellie,

Thanks for your question, this is not currently available within Joiin. However, we have added your request to the development log and will drop you a message when the report is available.

Thanks again.

- Harry

Is there any update on this?  I would be interested in this feature also.

Hello Dilini thanks for getting in touch. We have pushed this item up our development roadmap and will look into how we can implement this feature.

If you have any ideas on how this would look please feel free to email us at

**For the benefit of this thread I will post a message when we are live with the budget only reports.



I have just completed budgets in Xero and pushed them through to Joiin and I agree this is a much needed development to provide our consolidations of just budgets without actuals

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