Report Packs allow you to produce PDF and Excel documents containing multiple Joiin reports and charts.  Once created a Report Pack can be run any time it is required and the results printed out or saved as a PDF document.

Report Packs can contain any type of Joiin report with any filters you choose.  You can also add custom reports with charts providing an incredibly flexible way of tailoring packs to your needs.

Adding a Report to a Pack

The best way to get started with Report Packs is to simply add a report to a pack.  To do this simply run any report with the desired filters applied (e.g. Year to date, compare to Previous Period) then click on the Add to report pack button.

Now you can select an existing Report Pack or click on the Add new button to create a new Report Pack.

Enter the name of your new Report Pack and click on Add.  The new report pack will be created and the report added to it.

Once you've created a Report Pack you can add more reports to it by simply running other reports, clicking on Add to report pack button and selecting the Report Pack you want to add it to.

Running or Downloading a Report Pack

When you run or download a Report Pack Joiin will run all the reports contained within using your latest refreshed data.

Once you've created a Report Pack you can run or download it through the Report Packs page on the left menu.  The Report Packs page shows a list of Report Packs you've created.  

Downloading PDF

To download a Report Pack PDF simply click on the Pdf button next to desired report pack.  Your PDF will be downloaded to your computer.

Downloading Excel

To download a Report Pack as an Excel file simply click on the Excel button.  Your Excel file will be downloaded - the Excel file contains a separate worksheet (tab) for each report within the Report Pack.

Note that any charts you have in your reports will not appear in the Excel version.

Running in Browser

To run a Report Pack directly in the browser simply click on the report pack name.  The Report Pack will open up a new browser tab with the results.

You can view the report by scrolling down to see each report - each report will be presented in a separate section of the report pack.

Printing the Report Pack

You can print the report pack by clicking on the Print button at the bottom right.  This will bring up the Print dialogue of your browser from where you can choose a printer to print to and amend options such as Portrait/Landscape.

You can change the logo that appears on your report pack through the Account screen.  See this article for more information.

Adding Custom Reports and Charts

You can add any type of report to a Report Pack and that includes Custom Reports.   Custom Reports give you great flexibility to format reports the way you want.  They also now allow you to create Charts and any custom reports you have that include charts will display those charts in the Report Pack too.

For more information on how to build Custom Reports including charts see this article.

Editing Report Packs

You can change the name of the report, re-order the reports, change the report filters and remove reports through the report pack edit page.  To edit a report pack:

  • Select Report Packs from the left menu
  • Click on the Edit button next to the report pack you wish to edit

The Report Pack will be displayed showing all the reports that make it up.  Each report will show the report name and filters (companies, dates etc.) that have been applied.

Editing Filters and Report Name and adding Commentary

To change the Start and End Dates of a report just select different dates in the dropdown and click on the Save button at the top.

To change other filters and add commentary click on the three-dot menu at the right and select Edit.  A pop-up box will appear with all the filters for that report.  You can change the filters and the report name as desired and then click on Accept.  Once you've accepted the changes you can repeat for other reports but don't forget to click on the Save button at the top to save all changes.

Re-ordering Reports

You can change the order of reports in a Report Pack by clicking on the three-dot menu to the right of a report and selecting Move - this will then allow you to select where you want to move the report to - above or below any other report.  Click Save to save your changes. 

Deleting Reports

You can delete a report from a Report Pack by clicking on the three-dot menu to the right of the report and selecting Delete.  Click Save to save your changes.

Renaming Report Pack

You can rename the report pack by changing the name at the top and clicking Save.

Fixing Report Pack Issues

Sometimes, if you remove Companies from your account or change the Company import dates, previously created Report Packs can be come invalid.  If this happens a message will be displayed on the Report Packs page as below.

Issues can be easily fixed by clicking on the Edit button - this will open the report list page and show you which reports have issues.  You can then click the Fix button on each one to fix the issues.

The filters that have changed and/or need to be addressed will be highlighted with their previous values noted if appropriate.  Fix any issues and click on the Accept when done.  Don't forget to click the Save button on the report list page to save your changes. 

Creating a blank Report Pack

An alternative way to create a report pack is by creating a blank report pack which can then have reports added to it.  To do this:

  • Select Report Packs from the left menu
  • Click on the  Add pack button
  • Enter a name for your report pack
  • Click the Add button