Before you can run any of the Joiin reports you have to connect to QuickBooks Online, Xero or Sage to pull in your financial data or add a company manually.  Once you've set up a Company Joiin will refresh the financial data automatically on a daily basis or you can refresh manually as and when required.  

Adding a Company

To add a new company:

  1. Click on Companies on the left menu.
  2. Click on the Add Company button and select whether to add a QuickBooks Online, Xero, Sage or Add manually.  For more information refer to the following articles:

Changing Company % Ownership

If you are consolidating across multiple companies, some of which are only partially owned you can set a percentage ownership of a company.  This will cause all values for that company in all reports to be adjusted according to the percentage.

  • Select Companies from the left-hand menu.
  • Select Configure from the Companies action (three dot) menu at the right of the company you want to change.
  • Change the Ownership % as desired and click on Update.

Once updated, if the ownership is set to anything other than 100% it will show on the Companies list as such:

The information below relates only to QuickBooks, Xero or Sage companies, not manually added companies.

Configuring Company Data Import Dates

By default Joiin pulls the data from Xero/QuickBooks/Sage from the beginning of last year - if you want to go back further or include future-dated transactions you can change these settings through the Company configuration.

  • Select Companies from the left-hand menu.
  • Select Configure from the Companies action (three dot) menu at the right of the company you want to change.
  • Set the start and end dates.  
    • Start Date - set this to the earliest date you want to run reports for.  Bear in mind that some reports include figures such as Profit for the year so you need to make sure you go back far enough to get complete results.  Bear in mind also though that going back further means pulling more data and so will mean the data refresh takes longer.
    • End Date - is optional unless you set Start Date to the current date or in the future. If you don't set End Date you will only be able to run reports for months up to and including the current month.  You may want to set End Date if you want to see future transactions or view Budget information for an entire year.  NOTE that once End Date is set, data will only be included up to that date - so when that date passes you will need to update the End Date to continue to receive up to date data.
  • Click Save to save your changes - the process of refreshing data from the source system will start and you will be returned to the Company list.

Setting Cash or Accrual Based Reporting

By default Joiin uses Accrual based reporting.  You can change this to Cash-based if required.  This is only available for Xero and QuickBooks companies.  To do this:

  • Select Companies from the left-hand menu.
  • Select Configure from the Companies action (three dot) menu at the right of the company you want to change.
  • In the Accounting Method drop-down select Accrual or Cash as required.
  • Click on Save to save your changes - you have the choice to apply the changes to all your companies or just a single on - choose which option and the company(s) will start a data refresh with source system.

Re-Ordering Companies

You can change the order that companies appear in reports on the Company Management page.  This is useful when using the Compare By Company report filter.  Changing the order also changes the order companies appear in the company dropdown in the report filter.

To change the order click on the Action (three-dot) menu to the right of a company and select either Move Above or Move Below along with the company you wish to move it above/below.

Refreshing Data

Refreshing Manually

Company data automatically refreshes every 24 hours but if you want to refresh it more often you can do so by selecting Refresh Data from the Companies action menu at the right represented by three dots:

If you have 20 companies or more you also have the option to Refresh All companies in one go - just click on the Refresh All button at the top of the page to kick off data refresh across all your companies.

Problems with Refreshing

If there were problems with the data refresh - it's rare but it does rely on QuickBooks, Xero or Sage API's being available - then you will see a Refresh Error message against the company along with the date and time that the last successful refresh occurred.  If you see this message then you can try refreshing again.  If this does not work then you can try re-connecting to the source system by selecting Reconnect from the Companies action menu. 

Deleting Companies

When you need to delete a company from Joiin just select the Delete option from the Companies action menu.  Deleting a company from Joiin removes all the data stored in Joiin along with any tokens used to connect to QuickBooks/Xero/Sage.  It does not affect your data in QuickBooks/Xero/Sage in any way.  Should you need to add the company in again it's simply a case of following the instructions above.