Set up Two-Step Authentication before 30 April 2023

From 30 April 2023, two-step authentication (2SA) will become mandatory for all users logging into Joiin.

To avoid any disruptions, we recommend setting up two-step authentication as soon as possible. You can set up 2SA using your mobile phone - either by using an Authenticator app or by receiving a text message. Once set up, the first time you sign in on a particular device you will need to authenticate with a code - after that the device is trusted and you can log in as normal. Click here to activate 2SA for your Joiin account today.

Read more in our help centre.

What if you're currently using Xero or QuickBooks Single Sign-On (SSO) to log in?

If you log into Joiin directly through your Xero or QuickBooks account, you're already sorted. There's nothing further that you will need to set up since 2SA is only becoming a requirement for non-SSO users. 

What is Two-Step Authentication?

Two-step authentication (2SA) is an additional way of checking that it’s really you when you log in.

Switching on 2SA adds an extra check whenever you log in to Joiin on a device you haven’t logged in on before. It combines something you know (your username and password) with something you have (an authentication app on your smartphone or tablet).

It helps prevent unauthorised access. The second layer of security is designed to prevent anyone but you from accessing your account even if they know your password.

Why are we doing this?

At Joiin, we have a duty of care to protect the data and privacy of our customers. We don’t take this responsibility lightly and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve security across our platform. That’s why we’re rolling out this additional layer of security..

This is in-line with our partners, Xero, QuickBooks and Sage, who are rolling out additional security measures and requiring all their partners to do the same.

Read more from Xero.

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