Old style Cashflow Reports being phased out

We recently introduced Combined Custom Reports which allow you to create custom reports combining both P&L and Balance Sheet accounts. As part of this roll out we introduced Combined Cashflow reports - any newly created custom Cashflow reports were created as Combined Cashflow reports.

Cashflow reports include a Net Income section at the top which is the Net Income for the period taken from the Profit & Loss report.

In the original Cashflow report this was a fixed section containing a single Net Income amount which could not be changed. In the new Combined Cashflow report the underlying sections from the P&L report are included (but hidden) and the Net Income calculated from them. This means you have more power to modify the report.

As a result of this change we are phasing out the old Cashflow reports and replacing them with the Combined Cashflow reports.

What do I need to do?

You can convert your old Custom Cashflow reports by duplicating them. This is a simple process - just click on the Duplicate icon next to the report in the Custom Report list.

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