It's simple to sign up for a free, no-obligation trial of Joiin.  Simply follow the FREE TRIAL links on the web site - this will take you to the Sign Up page.

You can sign up for a trial by entering your email address and other details - or, if you're a Xero or QuickBooks user, you can sign up using your existing Xero or QuickBooks account. 

When you sign up you'll be asked to enter the following information:

Company Name

This is the name of the company or organisation you are creating the account for.  This needs to be a name that someone else has not already used.  This will be used to group all your entities and reports under.  

Email Address

This is your email address.


This is the password you want to use to log in.  Make sure you pick a secure password that is ideally 8 characters or more, includes upper and lower case characters and numbers and symbols.


Select the country your business is registered in. This is important for us to determine if sales tax applies.

Once you've entered this information you must click the checkbox to indicate you accept the Terms and Conditions and then click the Start Free Trial button.

After doing this you will receive an email from us.  In the email will be a link which, when you click on will activate your account.  You'll then be able to log into Joiin and get started.  

Trial Period and Subscription

When you first sign up to Joiin you are given a free trial period during which you can add as many companies and users as you want and try out all the features.  Once the trial period ends you'll need to purchase one of the paid plans.  See our Pricing Page for more info on prices.

If your trial has expired you'll see a message when you try and access Joiin and will be directed to the Plan & Billing page.

At any time during your trial you can visit the Plan & Billing page and sign up for a paid plan.  To access the Plan and Billing page select Plan & Billing from the Account menu at the top right.  On the Plan and Billing page you select the plan you want to subscribe to and enter your credit card details.  We do not store your credit card details but just pass them on securely to our accredited third-party payment provider.

Joiin paid plans are subscription based - that is you subscribe to use Joiin and pay a monthly fee.  To sign up for a plan you need to enter your credit card details and once you've signed up you card will be charged each month until you cancel.

When your card is nearing its expiry date we will remind you to update the details by sending you an email.

Logging In

Once you've signed up for Joiin any time you want to login go to and click on Login.  You'll be asked to enter your email and password then click the Login button and you're in.

If you previously signed up using your Xero account, click the Sign in with Xero button to sign in.

If you previously signed up using your QuickBooks account, click the Sign in with Intuit button to sign in.

If you've been invited to view other Joiin reports and have access to multiple clients you'll be prompted to select the Client you wish to view.  See more information on this under User Management.

Account Security

You can change security settings on your account such as changing your password or switching on Two Factor Authentication through the Your Profile page, located in the Profile menu at the top right.  More information can be found in the Account Security section of the user guides.

Problems Logging In

If you can't log in because you've forgotten your password, click on the Forgot your password? link.  Enter your email address and we'll send you a link to reset your password.

Logging Out

Any time you wish to log out of Joiin you can do so by selecting, you guessed it, Logout, from the Profile menu at the top right.