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Cross platform consolidation

Hi, was wondering if I could consolidate my client's data across various software (I'm trying to get them all into one cloud software to make my life easier), I guess my question is 

Can I create management consol reports across all my client's software suite, e.g. Xero Sage 50 and MYOB into one single report?

Hi Dan, thanks for contributing to the Joiin forum.

In short, yes. 

You can create consolidated group reports in Joiin using any of your cloud accounting packages on the same report, we have standard (but editable) account mapping that provides off-the-shelf reports from the moment of sign up.

I would recommend making the most of our trial and seeing how you get on.

Be sure to reach out with any questions.



Hi Harry, so if some of our companies are using qbo advanced and others XERO. we can consolidate with Joiin? 

And what about if we are using both US based  companies and global qbo companies ? 

Does the consolidation bring in classes , projects, tags  or custom fields from quickbooks ?

Thanks for your help,

Hi Leigh, thanks for joining the thread.

Yes, Joiin can consolidate data from both QuickBooks Online and Xero companies, regardless of whether they are US-based or global.

Joiin can report by Xero Tracking Categories (e.g., Cost Centre or Region) and QuickBooks Classes or Locations. To do this, simply select the "Compare By Category/Class/Location" option when running a report. You can then further select which Tracking Category, Class, or Location you wish to report by.

However, Joiin does not currently support consolidating data based on custom fields, projects, or tags from QuickBooks, we plan to add this in the future, I will keep you and this thread updated on this.

Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to help :)


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