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Custom Reports - Saving Layouts

Hi, I can't seem to make my selection for a Custom Report 'stick'.  When I create a custom PL and select the 5 companies and compare to previous periods as report options then the next time I open the report those selections would be gone or changed depending on whatever selections I had made in viewing another report.   Is there a way to create a custom report with fixed added companies and selection options without adding it to a report pack?  

Hi Graham,

The Custom reports are designed to be 'templates' to which you can then attach any combination of report filters, you are also correct that Joiin will apply the last set of report filters you used to your reports, this is to make it easier to run reports for the same companies and dates in quick succession.

In answer to your question, the current best method would be to do what you are already doing, that being adding reports to report packs to keep static features.

If we make any changes to the way report filters work I will be sure to keep you and the forum updated.


Harry :)

Fair enough.  I'd suggest renaming the Custom Reports to Report Templates because that would be a better indication of what they are.

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