Multi-client is a feature tailored for accountants and advisers who need to manage multiple, distinct clients under one Joiin subscription. With Multi-Client enabled you can split your Joiin subscription into multiple clients.

A client is a distinct grouping of connected companies and their associated users, custom reports, report packs, budgets and other configuration data such as exchange rates. You can have multiple clients under a single Joiin subscription - each client is self-contained and accessed separately. 



With multi-client there is a distinction between Teammates and Client Users.

TeammatesClient Users
Invited through the Team and Clients pageInvited through the User Management page
Access to all clients across the entire subscriptionCan only access a single client per Invite*
Full access to all features - no rolesCan be assigned READ, WRITE or ADMIN roles

* Client Users may have access to more than one client but they must be invited to each client separately - within each client they can be assigned different roles.

Connected Companies

Your Joiin subscription plan dictates how many companies you are able to connect. With multi-client, you can use this allocation across all your clients.

Enabling Multi-Client

To switch on multi-client select the Onboard more clients option from the Account menu at the top right. You will be taken through the process of enabling multi-client.  

Only account owners can enable multi-client.

When multi-client is enabled your existing companies, reports, config etc. will be bundled under a single new client which will have the same name as your subscription. From there, if required, you can change the name of this Client via the Account page and change the name of the Subscription through the Plan & Billing page.

Once enabled you can manage your team and clients through the Team and Clients page.

Accessing Multiple Clients

Once multi-client is enabled and you have more than one client, when a teammate logs in they will be presented with a list of clients to choose from.