When you connect to a Xero, QuickBooks or Sage company, by default Joiin pulls the data for the previous 3 and next 2 fiscal years.

You can change this by changing the Import Start Date on the company as below.  

1. Select Companies from the left-menu.

2. Click on the three-dot action menu at the right of the company and select Configure.

3. Choose how far back you would like to pull data from and what start month from that year, then click Save.


4. You will be given the option to make the same change for all your other companies.  Select the desired option and the companies will start the data synchronisation process. 

5. Once complete you will be able to run reports going back to this start date.

TIP - when you run a report for multiple companies the earliest Report Start Date will be the earliest available date for any of the companies - so it is recommended to set the Import Start Date for all your companies to the same month for consistency