When you connect to a Xero, QuickBooks or Sage company, by default Joiin gets the financial data for the past two years. This allows for a rapid set up process but means when you come to run a report the available Report Start Date only goes back two years.

You can change this by changing the Import Start Date on the company as below.  

NOTE the first two steps below can be skipped by clicking on the earlier dates link in the screenshot above.

  • Select Companies from the left-menu.
  • Click on the three-dot action menu at the top right of the company and select Configure.
  • Change the month and year of the Start Date and click Save.
  • You will be given the option to make the same change for all your other companies.  Select the desired option and the companies will start the data synchronisation process. 
  • Once complete you will be able to run reports going back to the earliest start date.

TIP - when you run a report for multiple companies the earliest Report Start Date will be the earliest available date for any of the companies - so it is recommended to set the Import Start Date for all your companies to the same month for consistency.

Running dates in the future

A similar process can be followed if you want to run reports for future dates.  By default, Joiin will only bring in data up to the current date but you can change this in the same way as above - this time change the End Date field in the Company configuration.

TIP - if you want to run a Budget vs Actual report for the whole current year it may be necessary to set future dates in this way.

NOTE once you set an Import End Date that date will always be used, even once that date has been reached.  It will be necessary to change it to a further date in the future once it has been reached.