Joiin automatically imports Xero Tracking Category data from Xero so it's easy to get a consolidated breakdown by Category/Class/Location.

To do this on the Profit & Loss Report simply select the Compare by Category/Class/Location option. (As pictured below)

If you have Xero companies selected you will then be able to select the Tracking Category, such as Cost Centre or Region, you wish to report on from the Categories dropdown.

You can optionally select the Options you wish to include in the results - simply click on the Options dropdown and check the options you wish to include in the output.

Then simply click the Run report button to run your report and you will see the P&L broken down by the selected category, with the selected  category options in columns.  For example broken down by Region as in the example below - with a Total column showing the consolidated total.

NOTE: If you have a Xero Tracking Category named Class or Location you can combine the category options if you run a report combining a Xero and QuickBooks company.