You can get a breakdown in your reports by Entity, as well as a Consolidated total by using Joiin's Compare By Company feature.  


To compare a report by entity:

1. Select the companies (entities) you want to be included in the report

2. Select the currency and reporting periods as required

3. Select the Compare by Company option - as shown below


4. Click Run to run your report and press the 'Total' toggle, to see a consolidated column.

This will then provide you with your entity-specific reports in column format, with their respective names as headings, with a consolidated total in the final column. 

Changing the order of your columns

You can change the order in which your entities' are displayed, to do this:

1. Select Companies from the left-hand toolbar.

2. Find the entity you would like to move and click the three dots icon.

3. Select 'Move' from the drop-down.

4. Choose the new order for your entities, this will automatically change, meaning there will be no need to run new reports.